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Who We Are

Intent of well being at all planes of human life form as a community is the only desire for the core members of the foundation. Unconnected by birth place, age, education and profession have come together because the intent was so strong and the intent has brought us together. The Intent of God (Intent) formed its game plan in such a way that each of them have come together with their unique set of strengths and expertise.
Core members have taken up activities based on principles guided by Thirukural, tamil spiritual literature of Sidhas and Saivism. Core principles being compassion, gratitude and selfless help, have carved out the niche plans of what is needed for sustained growth for generations to come to have a quality of life better than the previous generation in all planes.
It all starts from food, clothing, housing to health, education, family, research and spirituality while profession being a blended theme across all areas mentioned and not as a separate money making activity eating up the best of our life time yielding nothing fruitful at the end of it.
The team has formulated the hierarchy of needs, growth steps using the areas mentioned above. As team realizes that there are specialists and individual groups practicing one or more areas authentically by reviving traditional methods and aligned by same principles are integrated as a holistic answer to today’s questions of economy, sustainability, health, peace unanswerable by so called modern science.
Harmonious balance between what to retain from traditions and what to pick from new technologies are carefully evaluated and chosen. For all needs, ancestral thoughts are used and for all wants modern technologies are used at the minimum to strike the balance.



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